We’re currently seeking a distributor for Aquaponics and Indoor/Apartment farming related products.

Specifically – we would like to form a direct relationship with manufacturers of the following:

Electrical Components
  • High Efficiency (Max Photon/Watt) LED Light Modules with a Photosynthesis Optimized Emission Spectrum
  • AC / DC Voltage Converters for LED Modules
  • Growing LED – Integrated Commercial Shelving Inserts
Plant and Fish Equipment
  • Removable / Shippable Vertical Plant Stands w/ Root Irrigation System and Fish Reservoir
  • Hanging, Freely Rotating Planters w/ Side leaf ports and Recursive Drip Irrigation
  • Large (150+ Gallon) Fish Tanks and Water Filters
  • Rain Barrels / 55 Gallon Drums
Integrated Products
  • Plant Nursery: Desk size (~4′ x ~2′) Lit work area with sub irrigation tray
  • Plant Grow Out: Closet Size (~6′ x ~3′) Mylar tent w/ Air Vents, Water Input/Overflow and Integrated Lights
  • Plant Lab: Sensor-packed controlled growing environment